What to wear for your boudoir photo session

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Lingerie designers make high-quality lingerie for women of every size and body type. From plus size to petite, there is a brand and a cut just for you.  You’ll discover the best styles for your own body simply by being a little more self-aware.

Identifying Your Body Type

OK here’s the Moment of Truth...

With as little clothing on as possible, take a look at yourself in a full-length mirror. Now, do as your mother told you and stand up straight.

This is not a time for you to be critical, but rather to look at your own anatomical geometry. Yes, I used the word “geometry”. It’s a series of measurements and angles that create a mere shape. Not the WRONG SHAPE, simply “A SHAPE”.

A better way to think of this is that you are a sculpture, and regardless of what shape it is, you’re an intentional work of it. So, enjoy the exhibit in front of you.

No matter what your weight is, a woman’s geometry will be classified as either:

1. Apple - like an apple, you tend to be broader at the top (bust and shoulders) than the rest of your torso.

2. Pear - if you're this type, your torso tends to be fuller on the bottom.

3. Rectangular – A very straight figure, from the shoulders to the hips.

4. Hourglass – This is a rare breed, but generally this includes those women who have equally curvy measurements on top and bottom, with a narrower, well-defined waist.

Is one shape better than another? Absolutely not. Every single type of these figures can look equally great in lingerie when it fits the form.

The truth is, curves never go out of style.

Flattering Lingerie by Body Type

Apple Shaped Figure

  • Low-cut, strapless, and v-neck outfits

Corsets What’s old is new again, and for you, oh Apple girl, you can create some curves with a corset. In the days of yore, this was really painful apparatus. Today, they are made with lightweight materials and comfortable seams designed to move with you and flatter your assets. In recent years, they’ve even become fashionable use as outerwear or under a jacket for a day to evening look.

  • The key for an Apple women is to draw eyes away from the waist or center.  With broader shoulders and a larger bust, clothing with V-necks, scoop necks and strapless tops will draw attention to your bust, face, and shoulders will make you look amazing.
  • Babydolls... With the goal of showcasing your upper half, the dresses and tops that show some skin on the ‘upper level’ is a great idea. Babydolls tends to be simple and flowy on the bottom half, while the bust area is tailored and detailed.

Pear Shaped Figure

  • Bustiers, corsets, corset dresses

Love your décolleté and waist and accentuate there. This will draw attention away from your bottom half to showcase your “little middle” and fabulous bust. Choose bustiers and push-up bras, or add a corset or corselet to slender your waistline. A long line corset or corset dress can help you to blend the line from hip to waist …making you look smooth, lean and slender.

Tight-fitting pants Why be a hater on your pear bottom? Play up that bottom half with hugging sexy pants (jeans or otherwise) with a top…or topless. With the right posing, you can accentuate your bustline with a unique, mesmerizing curvy look.

Rectangle Shaped Figure

  • Boned corsets, waist cinchers, push-up bras

If you’re very straight you may wish to create the illusion of curves. Paying special attention to the busts and the legs, we can create gorgeous curves in the middle with a well-boned corset. A padded push up bra can also draw a lot more attention giving you a rounder, fuller appearance where you want it most.

  • Vintage look lingerie sets...Vintage styles work amazingly well on straight figures, plus create added drama for a fantastic photo shoot. Find a lingerie set that feels a little retro and adventurous!
  • Chemises...Chemises look amazing on a rectangle figure, with a well-padded top.

Hourglass Figure

  • Teddies, chemises

This figure is very easy to work with when it comes to lingerie, and the key is to be form-fitting. Teddies and chemises do a good job of flattering the hourglass figure, especially fitted ones.

  • Corsets  Corsets are the icing on the cake for this body type, since you are flattering what’s already there.
  • Classic styles and retro looks, like the old Hollywood and vintage pin up magazines from the middle of the twentieth century were all created with curvy women in mind. 


Tips for All Types

  • Hosiery  Everyone wants a great pair of legs.

Wearing a great pair of stockings, along with sexy shoes to match, is by far the best way to complete your look anytime and make your legs look longer, slimmer, and sexier.

  • Sexy Shoes ...Even if you don’t wear heels regularly, they will boost the rear, and elongate the legs in your photoshoot. You’ll want to go as high and slender a heel as possible. You can do anything from a retro strappy look to a contemporary stiletto.
  • Lingerie Accessories... I love accessories, but in moderation for a photo session.  You can draw more attention to your bust and face by wearing sparkly jewelry (it doesn't have to be expensive!), just don’t overdo it.
  • Simplicity... is key, I’d rather you outshine your jewelry!
  • Exfoliation...Before your session, take great care of your skin, because you’ll be showing off plenty of it!


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