Display your favorite photos with style

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Get away from Paper! Try printing images on Wood, Acrylic, Canvas, or Metal for a new way to display your favorite Photography


With digital photography we sometimes forget how wonderful it is to actually see a great photograph printed out and displayed.

You have more options than ever to choose from when printing your photos and I offer all of these from my online shop.


Offers the protection like framed artwork but without the distraction of the frame - the flush border lets you focus on the image.


This may be the simplest option as its just printing the image on the surface of wooden boards but it does add a certain stylistic quality. the wood grain adds a textured feel to the images


Metal gives you lots of options and comes in a variety of lustres ranging from matte to glossy. Like wood prints metal usually has a grain to it.


Display your photos like fine art. Canvas Prints can be printed as Gallery wraps, on Canvas board, or as a cluster or split photos. Printing photos on canvas is one of the most unique new ways to capture your memories and to share them with others as gifts.


I have a variety of photos for you to browse. Choose from 24 different galleries - People - Places - Nature - Flowers and for those that live here in and around Miamisburg I have a Gallery of Hometown images.


Visit my online shop and order your prints now



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