Aerial Drone Technology for Savvy Investors

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Aerial Drone Technology for Savvy Investors

While the advantage of Drone photography and  Aerial Video is obvious for the Realtor and the sale of a house, the same positive attributes hold true for the Real Estate Investor,

When was the last time you relished the thought of climbing a ladder to inspect a roof? What about getting a good view of a chimney? Now imagine if you could get a better image from all angles without ever setting foot on the ladder at all? 

Aerial photography and Video provides not only a unique view of the property for sale, it also allows the buyer to view the surrounding area and gain a bit of perspective on how the property fits into the landscape, painting a wider picture and providing buyers with a view of where the property is located within the neighborhood, proximity to parks, public transportation, and stores and schools.

Planning on building a structure on the property you’ve bought? Drones can help with the construction process, also.

The potential benefits for sky-high photography could be enormous. In the real estate field, it could be used to capture the elegance of a sprawling mansion, a large tract of undeveloped land, or a complex of buildings and structures that you just can’t capture with a ground-level shot.

While it  is possible to take aerial photographs or video from a helicopter, but helicopters must fly at a much higher altitude making it difficult to get that magnificent but more detailed view of the earth below. And, helicopter shots cost a lot more than those from a drone. Use of professional drone services makes this affordable for all level of properties.

The applications for home and commercial property inspections are numerous, such as for inspecting roofs (especially those with several pitches), as well as getting a bird's-eye view of the surrounding property. 

A drone serves as an invaluable tool to get a bird’s-eye view or to get images that otherwise would require renting a cherry picker or climbing a very large ladder.

Imagine all of the hard-to-reach areas of any house, and you can see how an eye in the air could make a big difference. It’s also another way for you to set yourself apart from the rest. While the others are climbing ladders, you can be safe on the ground and getting better images for your efforts. That’s one more benefit for your customers and one more tool for your business.

Why pay for professional Drone Services?

Just because you are able to find someone who has a drone with a GoPro mounted to it does not mean that he or she is particularly good at flying the drone. The last thing you need is a drone crashing into the neighbor’s house. Your time is better spent focusing on the investment and growing your business.

FAA Requirements:

Drones and the pilots that fly them are regulated by the FAA

All drones must be Registered with FAA and all pilots must be Certified by the FAA under UAS rule part 107 

Below are the basic things an operator must know for flying under the small UAS rule (14 CFR part 107):

Pilot Requirements:

  • Must be at least 16 years old
  • Must pass an initial aeronautical knowledge test at an FAA-approved knowledge testing center+
  • Must be vetted by the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA)

For more information, read about Remote Pilot Certification.

The Costs:

The Drone: High Quality Drone Like the DJI Phantom or Yunecc Typhoon can run $1200 

Insurance:  - To cover the drone itself and to cover any accidents 

FAA Regulations - The Registration and License cost run about $200 and must be renewed every 2 years

Edit the photos and video: Again this takes time and talent. Video editing is an art, and it will be clear if the pilot chopped up the video and threw clips together. 

That’s where professional Aerial Drone service from TEngland Productions can help you and your business.

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