Boudoir Session - What should I wear??

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Planning a Boudoir Session - What should you wear??

You have so many choices - From an oversized sweater to nothing but a sheet. Everyone has their own style so go with what you love. but if you are still having a hard time making a choice here are a few options that you can always rely on.



Bra and Panty Set

Bra and panty sets are a staple in boudoir photography. They are the "go-to" for a lot of women during boudoir shoots, but they c be spiced up., Try a high-waisted panties and garter belts to make everything sexier. Plus if you have any issues with your tummy, high waisted items and belts hide them. Add knee-high stockings and you're set for a sexy session.



If you want to emphasize your hourglass figure you should bring a corset to your boudoir photo shoot. Corsets can help hold you in and hide your tummy. Yes, they can be a little tricky to get into and lace up, but they are sexy and elegant.




Teddies are a lot like swimsuits but more revealing. They cover the chest, waist and crotch in one piece,and they are super sexy! They are very form fitting, so if you’re worried you won’t feel totally comfortable in it, then you may want to pass on wearing a teddy to your first boudoir shoot.

Once you’re comfortable in front of the camera, try a teddy. They can make you Super sexy!


Oversized Sweater or Shirt

If you’re a bit nervous about your shoot, an oversized shirt is the perfect first outfit for your session.

A big sweater or your partner’s workshirt has a cozy but sexy feel to it, especially when you pair it only with underwear. It’s a great outfit to ease you into the shoot.

Oversized SweaterOversized Sweater

Boudoir Accessories

Once your outfits are picked out, you’ll need to accessorize. 

High heels are a must! They can be an accessory or they can be the main focus. 

Jewelry like long necklaces and earrings are wonderful accessories, as well. 

Pack your bag with stockings, knee high socks, garters and any props that speak to you or your partner. For example, if your partner loves beer,
consider bringing his favorite brand with to your shoot. Or maybe something from his favorite sports team, or something from a favorite TV show or Movie. 



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