A proper boudoir photography experience is more than photos.

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Is the whole idea about boudoir photography new to you?

A Boudoir Photography session with TEngland Photography can be a life changing experience!

While not ever client wants all of this process, this is what we TEngland Photography offers to all of our clients.

Kick your shoes offKick your shoes off

The full experience!

A Proper boudoir photography experience usually begins with a consultation (often several in fact) and can continue with many other pre-shoot activities such as wardrobe shopping with the photographer and/or assistants, creating mood boards of images that inspire you in your session, an elaborate and pampered hair and makeup session immediately prior to shooting. Following the shoot, further meetings are often scheduled to review the images and select finals for printing (such as albums, enlargements, etc.) and perhaps a final meeting to personally deliver the final product(s). A boudoir photographer can easily commit as many as 30 total hours to a client after all is said and done. Boudoir and Glamour sessions can be a bit price but you can see that there is a lot more involved that just snapping a few photos.


So If you're unsure about investing in a full session, and just want to give boudoir or Glamour photography a try, then this is for you!

Our Mini Session

Our Mini Sessions give you a taste of the full experience for less than $200

Plan a Pinup, Boudoir, or Glamour Mini Session

  • Professional Hair and Makeup
  • 1 Hr photo Session
  • 1 or 2 outfits
  • (5) 5x7 images for you to keep
  • Additional prints and items can be purchased a la carte

Total cost for you is $199

visit www.tenglandphotography.com to learn more and contact us to book your Session!

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